Monday, October 22, 2012

Snow Angell White Chocolate Candy Bar

In a word, I'm smitten. This creamy white chocolate bar is wrapped around a delectable coconut center (made with organic coconut), and it's so incredible, it's downright heavenly... According to the manufacturer, "everyone who tries it loves it," and how could they not?? This bar is so ridiculously delicious it defies superlatives! The Snow Angell stats: No Artificial Flavors Non-GMO No Preservatives Organic Certified Ingredients White Chocolate (Cane Sugar, Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Natural Vanilla), Tapioca Syrup, Oats, Dried Coconut, Honey, Coconut Extract with other Natural Flavors, Sea Salt.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kale Krunch

Maybe I was already biased because I LOVE kale, but Alive & Radiant Foods just sent me samples of Kale Krunch, and I was instantly head over heels! The crunchy kale leaves come in several flavors such as Tarragon Dijon, Southwest Ranch, and Hibiscus & Pink Peppercorn (hands down my favorite). They're all fantastic except for the Chockalet Chip Kale Krunch, which, despite the highly believable hype that chocolate and kale go together well, is downright horrible (sorry guys). I downed a 2.2 oz bag for lunch which, for 160 calories, was surprisingly filling. The other nutritional facts (other than being a bit high in sodium--230mg for the Hibiscus & Pink Peppercorn) were pretty impressive--45% daily value of Vitamin A, 35% of Vitamin C, 6% of Iron, 4% of Calcium and Thiamin, and 2% of Niacin, Folate, and Riboflavin. The product is raw, yeast free, gluten free, and vegan and made with organic ingredients. Delicious and good for you! Yay!! Try it: Kale Krunch

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ginger People Ginger Syrup

You may be aware of ginger's age-old reputation for settling upset stomachs and purifying the body, but did you know that it also has cholesterol-lowering, anti-fungal, blood-clotting and even cancer fighting properties?

With all its health-promoting properties, ginger should be a staple of your defensive eating program. Aside from fresh ginger root, there are many delicious ginger products that can make adding ginger to your diet fun, interesting, and tasty.

One of our very favorite products is the Ginger People's Ginger Syrup. This syrup is equally at home at the breakfast table as it is at the dinner table. Ginger Syrup offers a spicy alternative to traditional pancake syrup, can add a kick to your morning oatmeal, or a novel flavor to your yogurt. Ginger Syrup can also be used in stir fry recipes or as a glaze over roasted carrots, chicken, pumpkin, or yams. As a cocktail mixer, it's great in ginger martinis or as a flavoring in sparkling water to create a non-alcoholic beverage.

Try it now: Ginger Syrup

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Gluten Free Low Carb Cheese Crackers

If you like cheese, you'll love these wheat free, gluten free, and sugar free crackers! Hand Made All Parmesan "Gourmet Wafer Crisps" are all natural, all cheese, and all delicious. High calcium, low carb crackers come in a variety of flavors:

Aged Parmesan: Kitchen Table Bakers special blend of pure aged cheeses lends itself to a complex yet uniquely subtle flavor that goes well by itself, with a "Caesar" Salad, a bowl of soup, a glass of wine or with any of your favorite gourmet dips or toppings.

Rosemary: The distinctive flavor of aromatic natural rosemary creates perfection with wine and cheese or as an elegant complement to soups and salads as well as savored right from the box with your favorite beverage.

Garlic: Remember that comforting burst of flavor from your last piece of Garlic Bread; creating a mood of longing for the old world. Now bring back that memorable experience again as you savor each cracker alone or with a tomato bruchetta, or any of your favorite gourmet toppings.

Italian Herb: Our own blend of Natural Herbs-basil, oregano and parley, brings taste buds back to Italy. They go well with everything from soup to salad, a cool sour cream dip or alone for that quick culinary escape.

Jalapeno: The initial taste of aged parmesan is followed up by the Zing of true, natural JalapeƱo pepper finely blended to keep those endorphins happy. One or two bites may not send you running for a beverage, but they do add up!

Sesame: Same great crunch and texture with all natural sesame seeds, these complement any Quality Cheese, Mediterranean dips such as Hummus and Babaganoush or eat them plain for that feel good taste.

Flax Seed: Gourmet without guilt… the added benefit of Flax Seeds enhances the traditional complexity of taste of the aged parmesan cheese, while still offering a healthy alternative to traditional chips and crackers. These remarkable wafers contain approximately 500mg of Omega 3 per serving. Great with your favorite dips and toppings or out of the package for quick healthy snack

Everything: When you can't make up your mind as to which one of our delicious Cheese wafers you crave, your choice has just gotten a lot easier. There are just enough onions, poppy seeds, garlic and sesame seeds baked into our own special blend of aged cheeses to set your taste buds soaring. Great for that quick healthy snack, with fruit or as a part of an elegant cheese platter.

Try them now: Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crackers

Monday, January 12, 2009

R.W. Garcia's Spiced Flaxseed Chips

Corn ships with an afterglow; these spiced chips really make a great snack. The flaxseed bits in the chips make them speckled, but don't change the flavor much, or at least, if they do its too subtle for me to notice. The spice on the chips is smoky and would go well with hummus or salsa, or the chips can be eaten plain. When they are served at my Grandmothers house, these chips are always the first to go. Little kids don't mind the flaxseeds, because they can barely taste them, but these chips are a nutritionally superior to their counterparts. They are organic, and gluten free with no trans fats, and over 500mg of Omega-3s per serving. These chips also come in veggie, berry, Thai sweet and spicy, Blue corn, and multigrain.

Betty Lou's JUMBO Fruit Bars

The first difference from other bars like Nutrigrain that I noticed when I was handed these bars was the HUGE amount of fruit that was packed inside. The flavor is rich, and one of these squares, no bigger than a post-it note, proved to be very filling. The Apricot tasted just like the fresh dried fruit, and the "cookie" part of the bar was flaky and moist. These bars have NO cholesterol, 5g (20%!!!) of the daily fiber recommended, along with calcium, iron, and vitamin C. These bars are almost like Nutrigrain, only you can actually taste the fruit, and they don’t taste dry and "cooked". These Bars come in Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Strawberry, and Blueberry.

In addition, all flavors are vegan, wheat free, soy free, corn free, and dairy free.

Click to order: Betty Lou's Jumbo Fruit Bars

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Plantain Chips

Plantain chips are one of the many ways Islanders eat the banana, and the chips make a fantastic snack. My childhood memories of Puerto Rico vacations always included these, and their flavor is light and unique. Grab "Em Snacks Plantain chips are offered in six different flavors: Sea Salt, Cajun Spice, Black Pepper, Jalapeno, Chili Garlic, and Red Chili. The Cajun spice adds a little glow to the flavor, and would go great with a sandwich or with some grilled fish. Speaking of fish, why not try breading one with these crushed chips instead of potato chips?

Gluten free and delicious, these chips can easily replace unhealthful potato and other chips in a lunch bag. (In Puerto Rico they’re served at bars as munchies- no dip required!) If you think plantains may be a little beyond your palate, rest assured that these chips don’t taste exotic, weird, or “out there”. They don’t take the "getting used to" that some foods do, and they’re straight-from-the-bag good.

Try them now: Grab 'Em Plantain Chips

Friday, July 11, 2008

Healthy High Fiber Mac and Cheese

With no artificial colors or flavors, no trans fat, and 18 grams of fiber, it's ridiculous that no one has thought of this sooner!

One of the most common complaints I get from moms is that their children will only eat one food. Often, that food is macaroni and cheese with it's day-glo orange color, loads of fat, and very little (if any) positive qualities. Fiber Gourmet Light Mac & Cheese is a healthier alternative to traditional macaroni and cheese and one that tastes just like the popular brands.

Don't get me wrong--there are healthier, all-natural versions out there (such as Annie's), but Fiber Gourmet has the added benefits of 18 grams of fiber, and 35% fewer calories (170 vs. 260) than other leading brands. Fiber has shown to have exceptional health benefits, particularly for the heart and digestive system. Unfortunately, according to data compiled by the USDA Continuing Survey of Food Intake, only 12% of children consume their Daily Reference Value of fiber each day. Additionally, with obesity on the rise, a company that can take a traditionally fattening food and reduce the calories while keeping the great taste should be commended.

Try it now: Healthy High Fiber Mac & Cheese